Add HPE Catalyst Storage

Use this dialog box to add a HPE StoreOnce Catalyst library to a selected MediaAgent.


Specify a descriptive name for the library.


Select the name of the MediaAgent that will control the library.

Access Information

Select this option if you want to specify a local path in the MediaAgent computer.

  • StoreOnce Host

    IP address associated with the HPE StoreOnce device.

    In the case of Fibre Channel, the COFC identifier must be added.

  • Username

    The user name that will be used by the system to access the library

  • Password

    The password for the specified user name.

  • Store

    The name of the store provided in the StoreOnce Management Console.


    Click the button to list the names of available stores.

Last modified: 11/27/2018 3:47:08 PM