Assigning a Tenant Operator to a Company

You can assign one or more users or user groups as tenant operators to a company. The operator will have a defined set of permissions on the tenant and can perform operations on the company as a regular tenant user.

You can use a new or existing Commcell user as a tenant operator. To create a new commcell user, see Creating a User.

Similarly, you can assign users and user groups from the domain that is configured on your CommCell setup.

Note: By default, users in the Master user group are automatically assigned as tenant operators to a company.


  1. From the navigation pane, click Companies.

    The Companies page appears.

  2. Click a company name.

    The company details page appears.

  3. Under Operator, click Edit.
  4. In the Edit operators dialog box, select or type the Commcell user or user groups that you want to assign as tenant operators.
  5. By default, the Tenant Operator role is assigned to the selected user or user group. The tenant operator role includes all the permissions except Browse and Restore permissions.

    To assign a different role to the tenant operator, in the Role box, select the role that you want to apply.

  6. Click Save.


The assigned tenant operators can now manage and run operations on the company.

Last modified: 4/25/2019 8:19:15 PM