Assigning a Storage Configuration to a Company

After creating a company, you can modify the storage settings for the company.

By default, the company rents a shared storage from the service provider. You can allow tenant administrators to bring in their own storage infrastructure or use both rented and own storage.

For more information on available storage settings for a company, see Managing Storage for a Company.

Before You Begin

To allow tenant administrators configure their own storage, see Allowing a Company to Configure Own Storage.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Configuration > Companies.

    The Companies page appears.

  2. Click the company name.

    The company details page appears.

  3. Under General, click the Infrastructure box, and then select one of the following options:
    • To assign a rented share or dedicated storage, select Rented storage.
    • To allow tenant administrators configure their own storage, select Own storage.
    • To allow tenant administrators to use rented storage and own storage, select Rented and Own storage.

      Note: If you choose the Rented and Own storage mode, you cannot revert back to the Rented storage or Own storage mode.

  4. Click the Save icon.

Last modified: 10/14/2019 6:46:18 PM