Configuration of the Network Share IntelliSnap Backup for CIFS Shares via Array Management

To configure the Network Share IntelliSnap Backup for CIFS shares via Array Management, first, add the storage array that you want to use in Array Management. When you add the storage array, a deconfigured NAS client is added automatically in Client Computers with the IP address of the NAS server computer. You will then reconfigure the NAS client, add the network share, and create the subclient to back up your data.


  1. Add a storage array in Array Management. Use one of the following storage arrays:

    In the CommCell Browser, under Client Computers, confirm that a deconfigured NAS client was added automatically.

  2. Reconfigure the NAS client.
  3. Enable IntelliSnap on the NAS client.
  4. Add a Network Share.
  5. Create a subclient.
  6. For the Dell EMC Isilon storage array, if you want to use CIFS shares from non-default access zones, configure the Access Zone snapshot configuration property.
  7. For the NetApp storage array, if you have a storage virtual machine (SVM) CIFS path through a containing cluster, you must use tunneling. For more information, see Tunneling the vServer through a Cluster Client.
  8. Optional: If you want to set up a proxy computer, see Proxy Computers for Network Share IntelliSnap Backup.

Last modified: 9/24/2019 6:17:10 PM