Configurations for the Exchange Mailbox Agent User Mailbox EWS On-Premises

Applies to: User Mailbox

You can protect Exchange User Mailbox using Exchange Web Services (EWS) on-premises. In this procedure, you can configure the Exchange Mailbox Agent User Mailbox using EWS on-premises.


  • EWS On-Premises is supported from Service Pack 16 with Exchange Server 2019 only.
  • Service Pack 16 does not support cleanup operations.
  • It is supported only for Exchange 2019 restore to mailbox.


  1. Assign EWS backup rights to the user which acts as the service account to back up the mailboxes.
    1. Open Exchange PowerShell and type the following cmdlet.
    2. To assign impersonation rights to the user, type the following command:

      New-RoleGroup -Name "ExchangeonPremisesBackupGrp" -Roles "ApplicationImpersonation" -Members serviceaccount1, serviceaccount2


      • ExchangeonPremisesBackupGrp is a unique name of the new role group.
      • serviceaccount1 and serviceaccount2 are service accounts.

        Note: If the Role Group is already created with Application Impersonation rights, then the user can be added to that group and can be used as the EWS Service account.

        Add-RoleGroupMember "ExchangeonPremisesBackupGrp" -Member ServiceAccount1

  2. Create a new throttling policy and assign the service account to that throttling policy.
    1. Open Exchange PowerShell and type the following cmdlet.

      New-Throttlingpolicy "CVEWSThrottlingPolicy"

      Set-Throttlingpolicy "CVEWSThrottlingPolicy" -EwsMaxConcurrency unlimited -EwsMaxSubscriptions unlimited -EwsMaxBurst unlimited -EwsCutoffBalance unlimited -EwsRechargeRate unlimited

      Set-Mailbox -Identity "Service account" -ThrottlingPolicy "CVEWSThrottlingPolicy"


      service account is the Exchange Administrator Service Account.

      User should add the service account in Local Administrator group on the All mailbox access node of exchange mailbox client.

      On the existing MB client, where Exchange 2013 or 2016 are already protected, if you have added Exchange 2019 to your environment then you just need to add the Service type of Exchange 2019.

  3. Use the following steps to create the new Exchange Mailbox client:
    1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click Client Computers, and then click Add New Client > Application > Exchange Mailbox > user_mailbox.

      The Exchange Client Creation Wizard appears.

      The wizard guides you through the process of creating the Exchange Mailbox client.

    2. On the Service Account Settings tab, click Add to configure the Exchange Service Account credentials. You can add multiple service accounts.

      The Exchange Service Account Credentials dialog box appears.

    3. In Service type box, select Exchange 2019.
    4. In the Email address box, enter the email address of the service account.
    5. In the User Name box, enter the domain\username of the service account.
    6. In the Password box, enter the password of the service account.
    7. In the Confirm Password box, reenter the password of the service account.
    8. Click OK.

Last modified: 11/20/2019 6:31:06 AM