Changing the Range of Messages on Your IMAP Client

Your administrator defines a default date range of messages that you can see on your IMAP client. You receive an email message that includes a link to a Web page where you can change the date range to suit your needs.

You can define the time span within which and the point in time from which the messages can be accessed from your IMAP client. For example, you might want to define a time span of 90 days' worth of messages and starting point of 30 days prior to today because you can already see messages that were delivered within the last 30 days from today.

Since the dates that you set are relative to today's date, the ranges that you define are sliding and not fixed.


  1. On your IMAP client, open the Settings folder, and then open the message sent by your administrator.
  2. Click or tap the link to change your default settings.

    A Web page opens in your default Web browser.

  3. From the Select a date range list, select the appropriate option.
    • Select a preset time span.

      The time span is measured from today's date.

    • Select customized to define your own time span.

      A slider bar appears.

  4. If you select customized, define the time span and the point in time from which messages can be accessed from your IMAP client.

    Note: You can only define a range that is with the maximum range defined by your administrator.

    1. To define the time span, widen or narrow the slider bar by dragging either the left or right end until the slider bar covers the appropriate number of days.
    2. To define the point in time from which messages will be downloaded to your IMAP client, drag the left end of the slider bar to the appropriate start time.

    Your settings take effect immediately.

  5. Close the Web page.

Last modified: 6/5/2019 8:16:22 PM