Configuring Microsoft Azure for SAP HANA Large Instance (HLI)

Before you can run snapshot backup operations on an HLI setup using the NetApp Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) as an IntelliSnap array, you need to enable administrative access and configure the SVM for Commvault use.

Complete the following tasks before you can install the Commvault infrastructure and configure the customer Netapp SVM as an Intellisnap array:

  • Preparing the Azure Network
  • Create a NetApp Storage Management User

Preparing the Azure Network

Enable network routing from the Commvault VMs to the Netapp management network. You must open a Microsoft service request for assistance as you need to prepare and adopt two network settings on the system.

To enable network routing, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a NetApp Intercluster LIFs for tenants within cluster SVM.
  2. To add a route within the Cluster SVM for inter-cluster LIFs route to Azure subnet, run the following command:

    sv5t-hana-c01::> route show -vserver sv5t-hana-c01 -destination

    Vserver Destination Gateway Metric

    ------------------- --------------- --------------- ------

    sv5t-hana-c01 20

  3. After you verify that the storage inter-cluster LIF could reach the Cloud Volumes OnTAP LIF, run the cluster create command.
  4. After the cluster peer is available, create the vserver peer relationship between the Azure colocation and the SVM in Cloud Volume ONTAP (CVO).
  5. Set up your own volumes and if required snapmirror relationships. You may need Microsoft Services assistance on steps 3 and 4 and require source path for each of the volumes to be replicated.

Creating a NetApp Storage Management User

Request the Microsoft Services team to generate a user and password for IntelliSnap backup operations on the SVM.

The following example creates a user cl25backup with vsadmin role:

sv5t-hana-c01::> security login show -vserver sv-hana-c01v250-client25-nprod -user-or-group-name cl25backup

vserver: sv-hana-c01v250-client25-nprod


User/Group Authentication Acct Authentication

Name Application Method Role Name Locked Method

-------------- ----------- ------------- ---------------- ------ --------------

cl25backup http password vsadmin no none

cl25backup ontapi password vsadmin no none

cl25backup ssh password vsadmin no none

Verify that the Commvault Server VMs are able to reach the Management LIF on the NetApp SVM.

Last modified: 9/24/2019 6:21:10 PM