Configuration for Amazon S3

After you install the File System and Cloud Apps package on a proxy client computer, configure the following components.

  • Virtual client
  • Instances
  • Subclients

Virtual Client Configuration

A virtual client is the interface that protects your Amazon S3 data.

For more information on how to create an Amazon S3 virtual client, see Creating an Amazon S3 Virtual Client.

Instance Configuration

An instance is a logical entity used to manage backup and restore operations for Amazon S3 data.

The Commvault software creates the first instance when you add a virtual client on the CommCell Console. You can create additional instances to manage different Amazon S3 service accounts.

For more information on how to create an Amazon S3 instance, see Creating Amazon S3 Instances.

Subclient Configuration

Create a subclient for the Amazon S3 data objects and buckets that you want to protect.

For more information on how to create a subclient, see Creating a Subclient to Back Up Specific Objects or Buckets.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 4:41:03 PM