Debugging and Logging Information for OpenStack

When investigating issues for OpenStack, you might need to collect information about the OpenStack environment or logs for OpenStack components.

OpenStack Environment

To identify the OpenStack release distribution, release name, and version, use the following commands:

# openstack –version

# rpm -qa | grep –i openstack

Note: Individual services might have different versions installed.

OpenStack Endpoints

To identify the service name and the URL for the API version used by an individual service, use the following command:

# openstack endpoint list

OpenStack Service Status

To collect information about service status, use the following commands:

# openstack service list

# openstack-service status

Storage Used with Cinder

To collect information about Cinder storage, use the following commands:

# cinder service-list

# cinder type-list

# cinder extra-specs-list


To identify the libvirt version, use the following command:

# rpm -qa | grep libvirt

You might also need to collect the following information:

  • libvirt log (if possible with debug enabled)
  • libvirt configuration file (if available)


To identify the qemu version, use the following command:

# ps -ef | grep qemu

OpenStack Project Specific Quota List

Quota plays a vital role during backups, because Commvault creates additional volumes and snapshots as part of the backup process.

You can collect tenant and project specific quota details from the Horizon Dashboard.

Understanding OpenStack Configuration

The OpenStack platform includes many different modules.  In most cases, troubleshooting requires configuration details for each of the following configurations:

  • Nova configuration: /etc/nova/nova.conf
  • Cinder configuration: /etc/cinder/cinder.conf
  • Glance configuration:
    • /etc/glance/glance-api.conf
    • /etc/glance/glance-registry.conf
  • Keystone configuration: /etc/keystone/*.conf
  • Dashboard and other settings: /etc/Openstack-dashboard/local_settings

OpenStack Logs

As needed, you can collect service specific logs from the controller node or a service node. The following list identifies the location of log files for different services:

  • Nova service: /var/log/nova/*.log
  • Cinder service: /var/log/cinder/*.log
  • Glance service: /var/log/glance/*.log

VSA Proxy Logs

OpenStack supports both Windows and UNIX proxies. For debugging, collect Commvault logs from Windows and UNIX proxies.

You might also need to collect proxy system information such as the following items:

  • VirtIO driver version
  • Device tree information
  • System and application logs
  • Commvault registry 

Last modified: 1/18/2019 3:34:00 PM