Best Practices for the Dell EMC VMAX / Symmetrix Storage Array

Review the following best practices before using Dell EMC VMAX / Symmetrix.


  • Ensure that masking is configured.
  • Map all VDEV and BCV devices to the available ports.
  • Ensure that gatekeepers are configured for each host connected to the Symmetrix array.
  • Ensure that sufficient disk space is available for snapshot operations and the disk space used by snapshots is monitored frequently.
    The space requirement for snapshots created during IntelliSnap backup can vary based on your environment. The space utilization is dependent on the number of snapshots created and the retention period defined for the snapshots.
  • IntelliSnap backup uses any available previously synchronized BCVs.
  • For VMAX, ensure that the source volume is part of just one device group. If the source volume is part of more than one device group, the snapshot backup might fail.

Last modified: 2/25/2019 11:23:12 PM