Laptop Backup Troubleshooting

WEB0003: Web Console or Commvault mobile applications do not work

For information, see KB article WEB0003.

DLO0001: Full Backup Automatically Converts to an Incremental Backup

For information, see KB article DLO0001.

DLO0002: Unable to log in to Web Console

Symptom 1

When you log in to the Web Console, you may get following error:

The service is currently unavailable. Please contact your administrator

Cause 1

Full version of .Net framework is not installed on the computer where you have installed Web Sever and Web Console.

On some windows components only the .Net client profile is installed but registry key indicated that the full version of .Net is installed. In such scenario, the Web server/Web Console installation completes successfully but user will not be able to login to the Web Console.

Solution 1

  1. Check which version of .Net is installed by clicking Start | Control Panel | Add Remove Programs.
  2. If required, install the full version of .Net framework.

Symptom 2

The Register link is not visible on the Web Console login page.

CC0008: Users have access to files and folders belonging to others users


Users are able to browse, find, and restore files and folders associated with other users from all user interfaces, for example, the CommCell Console and Web Console.


  • ACLs (Access Control Lists) are not included in the backup
  • The user has the Browse permission instead of only the End User Access permission


  1. Configure the End User Access permission on the client computer.

    Assigning the End User Access permission helps to maintain multiple user profiles on the same laptop (or desktop) and ensures that each user has the ability to browse and restore only the data to which he or she has access. For instructions, see Configuring End-User Operations on Client Computers.

  2. If the Browse permission is assigned to these users, remove it.
  3. Make sure the Catalog ACL (end user access control list) option is enabled in the subclients before performing a backup as described in:

Once this option is enabled, ACLs are included in the backup, which allows users to access only files and folders for which they have permissions.

Tip: After enabling this option, run a Full backup. This ensures that ACLs are available in the backup data.
If you run a Differential or Incremental backup after enabling this option, only the newer data will include ACLs.

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