Advanced Backup Options (Oracle Options)

You can select the following advanced options for the oracle backup operations:

Max DB block corruptions

Specifies the maximum number of database block corruptions a backup process can encounter before stopping.

Enable RMAN disk ratio

When this option is selected, RMAN reads data files across disks and groups them in a backup set.

  • RMAN Disk Ratio

   Specifies the number of disks from which data files are included in each backup set.

Resync RMAN catalog

Select this option to have the Commvault software resynchronize the metadata in the RMAN catalog with the Oracle database selectively or on a schedule (for example, a weekly full schedule). If you select this option at the subclient level, then the resync happens for all backup jobs.

Backup TAG

Use this space to enter a character string that will be used as the Oracle tag argument associated with the specific backup operation. This will override the tag defined at the subclient level.

Backup Control File for StandBy

Specifies to backup the current control file for creating Standby databases.

Throttle RMAN disk read (MB/sec)

This parameter controls the rate at which the software reads the bytes on an RMAN channel. Set this parameter to the maximum number of MB that the software reads per second during a backup operation. Use this parameter when you want to make sure that there is available bandwidth on the channel for your database when you perform a backup.

The Commvault software sets the RMAN RATE parameter to this value when it creates the backups script.

Last modified: 9/12/2019 7:30:29 PM