Backup Set Property (VM Filters)

Use this dialog box to add or edit filters for a backup set. Filters are criteria to exclude virtual machines from backups.

VM Filters

Use this area to define criteria for filtering virtual machines from the backup set. When you perform a backup of any subclient in the backup set, virtual machines satisfying the specified criteria are automatically excluded from the backup.

This area displays the list of all defined filters.


Click this button to open the Browse dialog, which provides hierarchical views of servers or folders in the Xen pool.

Use the Browse dialog to browse the Xen pool and select one or more servers, folders, or virtual machines.

When you select an object, all child objects are automatically filtered from the backup.


Click this button to open the Add Filters dialog, which defines filters to exclude virtual machines based on specific criteria.

You can define the following types of VM filters:

  • VM Name /Pattern: An exact virtual machine name or a pattern that is used for string matching.

    For example, enter Test* to include a VM if the VM name begins with Test.

    Note: If a virtual machine is added by browsing and selecting the VM display name, discovery is performed based on the GUID for the named VM. If that virtual machine is later restored in place from a backup, a new GUID is generated, and that virtual machine is no longer included for backups. To include that VM, you must remove the old content rule, then add a new rule or use a name pattern for the virtual machine.

  • Template: Select True or False.
  • Host: A XenServer host name or the IP address of a host.

    When you add a host, all virtual machines on the host are included in the backup.

  • Guest OS: A string pattern to identify an operating system group.

    For example:

    • Enter Microsoft* to include any virtual machine with any version of the Windows operating system.
    • Enter *windows2012r2 to include Windows 2012 R2 machines.
    • Enter *linux* to include all Linux machines.
  • Guest DNS Hostname: A string pattern to identify a hostname or domain.

    For example, enter myhost.mycompany.com to include a specific host or *.mycompany.com to include all hosts on that domain.

  • Power State: Select Powered On, Powered Off, or Other.


Select a VM filter entry and click Edit to modify the filter.


Select a VM filter and click Delete to remove the filter from the backup set.

Last modified: 6/7/2018 2:50:12 PM