Configuring a Cloud Library as a Storage Target

You can configure a cloud library as a storage target.


  1. From the navigation pane, click Storage targets.

    The Storage targets page appears.

  2. Click Add storage in the upper right of the page, and then select Cloud.
  3. In the Add cloud storage dialog box, enter the cloud library details:
    1. In the Name box, type the name of the library.
    2. From the Type list, select the cloud library vendor.
    3. From the MediaAgent list, select the MediaAgent that will write the data to the disk.
    4. The Commvault software populates the Server Host box and credentials boxes with the default values for each vendor, for example, Token_ID.
    5. Provide the cloud library credentials.

      For information on the cloud credentials, see Cloud Provider Information.

  4. Click Create library.


The cloud library is now available. You can associate the cloud library with a plan.

Last modified: 11/16/2017 5:16:01 PM