Exchange Client Creation Wizard (Other/Advanced)

Use this dialog box to create an Exchange Mailbox client. Use the Other/Advanced tab to configure the recall service for the Exchange Mailbox client.

Recall Service

To access stubbed messages, you must configure the recall service.

The recall service points to the client where the Web Console is installed and that is used to retrieve stubbed messages for features like Outlook Add-In and ContentStore Email Viewer. Enter the complete address of the proxy service that was installed with the Web Console.

Consider the following when you configure the recall service:

  • Specify a domain namespace.
  • The recall service URL, which is the URL to the client where the Web Console is installed, should be in either of the following formats: http://server.domain.com or https://server.domain.com.
  • The recall server can be a load-balancing server.
  • The recall services should be accessible from outside the firewall.

Test Service

Click Test Service to verify that the proxy service is connected.

If you use the HTTPS protocol, then set the port number to 443 for test purposes.

Last modified: 4/13/2018 9:06:57 PM