Collection Report for Activate Data Sources

The following topic describes the information available on the collection report.

The following image is an example of the collection report page:

Information in the Collection Report

The collection report page contains the following information:

  • Total Files

    The total number of files collected the data collection jobs.

  • Extraction Processed Files

    The total number of documents that were processed for entities in the data collection jobs.

  • Data Collection Failures

    The percent of data collection jobs that failed.

  • Entity Extraction Failures

    The percent of documents that failed the entity extraction process.

  • Failures by Type

    A list of the types of failures present in failed data collection jobs.

  • Failures by Error

    A list of the errors present in failed data collection jobs.

  • Failures Information

    A list of the files that failed entity extraction with information about the files, such as the failure reason, the last indexed time, the path, and file size.

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