Add the Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent

After you install the Exchange package, you must add the Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent and then configure the agent.

Information You Need to Add the Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent

Collect the following details to create a new Exchange profile:

  • Domain user account created with Exchange administrative permissions (this is the Exchange Administrator account).

    The domain name should not be included with the account name during installation.1

  • Name of the domain where the Exchange server resides.1
  • Name of the mailbox that is associated with the Exchange Administrator account.
  • Name of the Exchange server. This is the Mailbox Role Server name (NetBIOS).
  • Any passwords that are associated with any accounts.

A profile is created during the installation and associated with the mailbox. Decide on a name for the profile.

1Not applicable to installations from the CommCell Console


Microsoft Outlook

Outlook profile

Domain account

Exchange database name

Mailbox name

Exchange version




Exchange Administrator

Exchange server name

Mailbox name

Your current version



Dummy value

A service account that can query the Active Directory


Dummy value

Any version

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