Database Agents

The following new features were added to the current software release.


DB2 Storage Groups Support

DB2 storage groups are a set of disk volumes that you can use for automatic databases, table spaces and indexes. You can use storage groups with DB2 databases that are version 10.1 or later. You configure and manage the storage groups on DB2. When you perform a restore operation on an automatic database or a mixed database, the Commvault software presents the storage group information.

For more information, see Advanced Restore Options.

Microsoft SQL Server

Amazon RDS SQL Databases and Azure SQL Databases Support in Command Center

Perform backup and restore operations for the following SQL databases:

  • Amazon RDS SQL Server databases
  • Azure SQL Server databases

For more information, see Microsoft SQL Server Solutions.


Oracle Data Masking Support in Command Center

Commvault software has industry-standard data-masking strategies for Oracle database table columns. Use data masking when you want to hide sensitive data in a non-production environment, such as in a test system or a development system.

For more information, see Oracle Data Masking.


SAP HANA Scale Out Architecture Support

Perform IntelliSnap backup and restore operations on SAP HANA databases that use a scale out architecture.

For more information, see Getting Started for SAP HANA Scale Out IntelliSnap.

Last modified: 8/20/2019 8:16:44 PM