Configuring Volumes for the HPE Nimble Storage Replication Feature

On the HPE Nimble Storage software, create a volume collection, set up the replication parameters, and then add the volumes that you want to protect to the volume collection.


  1. On the local array, create a volume collection, and then select the remote array.
  2. At advanced level and at schedule level, enable Snapshot triggered by third-party application.
  3. Select Replicate snapshots, and then type the number of snapshots to retain on the remote array. The number of snapshots to retain in the storage array must be bigger than the number of snapshots that the snapshot copy retains on the Commvault software. For more information on the retention of snapshots in a snapshot copy, see Copy Properties - Retention.

    Tip: On the storage array, set the maximum number of snapshots to retain.

  4. Add the source volumes to the volume collection.

Last modified: 1/21/2019 10:25:34 PM