Service Packs and Hotfixes

A service pack is a collection of updates released on a periodic basis to resolve software issues and to enhance software performance. Each service pack contains a cumulative set of hotfixes that were released after the previous service pack version. Service packs are available in a 90-day cycle. Every service pack undergoes full regression testing prior to release.

A hotfix is an update that is targeted at resolving a specific critical issue that might cause major disruptions to operations or potential loss of data. A new hotfix package is available every week.

We fully support customers on the five most recent service packs. For more information on the service pack lifecycle support policy, see Obsolescence Policy.

The documentation web site is updated whenever a service pack is released. The updates to the documentation web site include revisions, corrections, and new feature documentation.

Note: You are not required to have the latest service pack installed in order to raise or escalate a Ticket Request (TR) with Customer Support. In some cases, Customer Support might request that you install the latest service pack if the service pack contains a fix, or if it helps in the diagnostic process.

Long-Term Support (LTS) Releases

From time to time, Commvault shall designate certain service packs as LTS releases, entitled to extended LTS support. This LTS support will include critical stability bug fixes only and will not include any new features or other enhancements.

LTS releases will have a support life time of up to five (5) years. New features and other valuable enhancements will continue to be made available at quarterly cadence through the service pack releases, and will not be backported to prior LTS releases. All service pack releases go through rigorous test cycles and are released only after they meet the high quality expectations of Commvault.

Last modified: 12/6/2019 9:36:39 PM