Reinstalling Uninstalled Agents

In some case Agent software may have already been uninstalled from a computer as described in the following reasons:
  • To release a license
  • The computer or operating system was rebuilt

In such cases if you wish to restore the data that was previously secured to the same client using a specific Agent, you can reinstall the Agent on the client. For example, to bring back the data secured by DataArchiver Agents, Active Directory iDataAgent, Exchange iDataAgents, etc., which can only perform in-place restores, consider reinstalling  the Agent to restore the data.

Reinstalling the Agent will also automatically re-establish the configurations that were previously established, provided these configurations and the Agent were not deleted from the CommCell Browser before or after uninstalling the Agent.

Reinstalling the Agent will enable any pre-existing schedules (independent and those part of a schedule policy) that were previously disabled when the agent was uninstalled. However, if a change, such as an upgrade, is made to a deconfigured agent prior to its reinstallation, the schedules related to that specific agent will no longer be recognized and will need to be reconfigured manually after the reinstallation.

The sample image displays an Agent which is uninstalled, but not deleted from the CommCell Browser. Note that the Agent appears dimmed in the CommCell Browser, as it was not deleted.

You can follow the procedure to install an Agent as described in the procedures listed in Installation. However when you re-install the software you will be prompted to select either the previously assigned storage policies or a new storage policy for subclients. A sample image of this dialog box is displayed below.

Note that if you wish to reinstall a component that has been deconfigured, you must first uninstall the component software from the computer. See Uninstalling Components for more information.

Consider the following:
  • Selecting a new storage policy does not impact the ability to restore data, that was secured by previous data protection operations.
  • If you select a new storage policy, the install program will subsequently prompt you to select a storage policy for all the subclients in the Agent.
  • When you select a new storage policy, the first backup will be converted to a full backup.

Note that the Storage Policy Information may look different from the one shown in the sample image.

Even Agents which do not create a subclient by default during an initial installation of the software will re-establish the subclients and other configurations if they were established before uninstalling the software and if the Agent was not deleted from the CommCell Browser.

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