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Supported Backup Types

NAS NDMP Backup Jobs

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Before you begin using the NAS NDMP client for data protection operations, ensure that you have completed the required Configuration tasks:

Plan your backup jobs for this agent by reviewing the following information:

Supported Backup Types

NAS NDMP clients support the following backup types:

NAS NDMP Backup Jobs

There are several advanced options specific to NAS NDMP clients. For more information, see NAS Options. For procedures, see Start a Backup with NAS Options Selected.

In addition, NAS NDMP clients have the following unique backup functionality.

Two Way Backups

A two-way backup is the process of backing up data from a NAS NDMP data server to a storage device attached to that same NAS NDMP data server.

Three Way Backups

A three-way backup is the process of backing up data from a NAS NDMP data server to a storage device attached to another NAS NDMP data server of the same type (NetApp to NetApp, for example). Keep in mind that the source data server does not need to be attached to a storage device.

Multiple Data Stream Backups

Multiple Data Readers can be specified for backup jobs, providing the facility to use multiple data streams without having to create multiple subclients and start separate backup jobs. This allows backups of multiple paths in a NAS subclient to run concurrently, as part of the same job, thus reducing the total number of running jobs. This ability is based on the number of resources (drives) available and the setting for Number of Data Readers in the Subclient Properties (General) tab, which is the number of paths in the subclient that will run concurrently given sufficient available resources.

This feature is useful only for a NAS client which has subclients with multiple data content paths defined, or (for all NAS clients except Hitachi) specifies a content path of "/" and has more then one volume or root file system. If this is not true of a NAS subclient, then its backups will not utilize multiple data streams.

How to configure Multiple Stream Backups for NAS data

The following section provides the steps for configuring Multiple Stream Backups:

  1. Create a new Subclient or configure an existing one.
  2. Run a backup. For instructions, see Backup - NAS NDMP - How To.
  3. To confirm the backup job is using multiple streams, right click the job in the Job Controller window, select Detail..., and in the Job Details window select the Streams tab. Note that the actual number of streams shown will vary as the job progresses.


Backup Considerations

Before performing any backup procedures for this agent, review the following information:


Hitachi and NetApp Clients - Incremental Backups

Incremental backups are supported on Hitachi clients and NetApp clients, with the following limitations:

Hitachi Clients

NetApp Clients

Related Reports

NAS NDMP Backup Archives Report

The NAS NDMP Backup Archives Report provides information on data protection archive jobs based on the selected filter criteria.

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