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Welcome to Our Documentation Web Site

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Accessing Data Protection Suite Documentation

Access the latest revision of Data Protection Suite documentation by visiting our documentation web site at, or through the CommCell Console, as shown below:

The CommCell Console can also be configured to launch a copy of Data Protection Suite Documentation from an internal intranet site. This is useful when you do not have open connections to the internet.

Perform the following steps to set up Data Protection Suite Documentation from an intranet site:

  1. Using a computer that has access to the internet, download Data Protection Suite Documentation to the shared resource as described in Download Data Protection Suite Documentation.
  2. Set up the Documentation web site for offline access. See Setting Up the Documentation Web Site for Offline Access.
  3. Configure the CommCell Console to access Data Protection Suite Documentation from the intranet site. See Configuring CommCell Console to Access Offline Documentation for step-by-step instructions.

To obtain the latest revisions with updated content from the documentation web site, see Updating the Documentation Setup with New Content.

Finding User Information

If you...

  • Are a new user of the software:
    • See Getting Started to install and run basic operations. In addition to guiding you through the process of installing and using the software, the tutorial also provides information on the associated documentation resources.
    • Understand the features supported by each Agent by viewing the Agent's Features page.
    • Review comprehensive information on all the additional options available on the Advanced pages.
  • Are upgrading from a previous version:
    • See Upgrades for comprehensive information on upgrading the software, including important issues, step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting information.
  • Are looking for the new features in this release:
  • Need information on a specific dialog box option:
    • Click the Help button in the dialog box, to open a context-sensitive help topic.
  • Are looking for information about a feature or product:
    • See the Index, or type a specific keyword or phrase in the Search box to locate the associated topics.
  • Want to understand a term:
  • Are looking for features supported by a specific product:
    • To obtain a comprehensive list of features supported by a product, see the web page associated with the product. For example, the Active Directory section provides a comprehensive list of features supported by the iDataAgent for Active Directory.
    • To obtain a list of products supporting a specific feature, look at the Support Information associated with the feature. For example, to understand the various options provided by Browse, you can read all about it in Browse Data. To see whether a specific Agent supports a specific feature, or to broadly understand the browse features supported by each Agent, see Browse Data - Support.
  • Want to provide feedback, click the Submit Feedback button:

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  • Want to print a page, click the Print button:

  • Want to download PDFs of recent New Features Newsletters:

Documentation Conventions

The text in Data Protection Suite Documentation observes the following conventions.

Text Convention


Identifies window options, user keys, file/directory names and paths.
Courier New Identifies system messages and output.
Courier New Bold Identifies characters that should be typed as shown.
Courier New Italics Identifies variable information.
NOTE, CAUTION and WARNING Provides additional hints, shortcuts, or background information that the user should know before proceeding and is generally provided in Deployment and How To procedures.
Identifies a note, text containing special information, exceptions or unique conditions that affect the normal functioning of the product.
Identifies a caution message, containing information about events or situations that could result in damage to system software or data.
Identifies a warning message, containing information about events or situations that could result in damage to system software or data.

Viewing CommCell Console Help

CommCell Console Help is displayed when the Help button is clicked in any of the dialog boxes in the CommCell Console. In some cases this Help contains descriptions for options that are not displayed in the dialog box. This is because some of the options are specific to a component, Agent or feature and the Help provides a description of all the options that can be displayed by that dialog box. Thus all the options described in the Help might not be applicable to your environment. Where appropriate, refer to the Support Information for comprehensive information on the supported options.