Adding Availability Groups to an MSSQL Availability Group Client

You can add an availability group to an existing Availability Group (AG) client.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > existing MSSQL AG client.

  2. Right-click SQL Server, point to All Tasks, and then click New SQL Server.

  3. In the Create New Instance dialog box, set up the AG client:

    1. In the SQL Client box, select a client from the list displaying SQL 2012 or later clients.

      Ensure that the selected SQL Server is the primary replica of the availability group that you are planning to protect.

    2. In the SQL Instances box, select an instance from the list of available SQL instances.

      If the SQL client has only one instance, then that instance is automatically selected.

    3. In the Availability Group box, select an availability group from the list.

      If the SQL client has only one availability group, then that availability group is automatically selected.

    4. Click OK.

The new availability group is added to the selected AG client in the CommCell Console.


  • The same availability group or multiple availability groups with the same name, cannot be added to more than one AG client.

  • In the CommCell Console, the availability group is displayed by its AG instance name. However, if the availability group was created on the SQL Server by using a listener, the naming convention is Listener name\AG name.

What to Do Next

After adding an Availability Group to an existing AG client, you can configure the default subclient or create a new subclient the same way that you create a regular SQL subclient: