Adding a NAS Client for NDMP Backup Operations

To back up NDMP file system data, you must add a NAS server. (Because the software for the NDMP Agent is installed automatically as part of the MediaAgent installation, no additional software is needed.)

The user who adds the NAS client becomes the client owner. Client owners have permission to manage the client including changing client settings and adding and modifying subclients. For information about client owner security, see Owner Security Overview.

Before You Begin

  • Before adding a NAS Cluster-Mode client, review the considerations.

  • Before adding a Dell EMC Isilon/PowerScale file server as the NAS client, review the options for the NAS client hostname.

  • If the data you want to backup resides on a Storage Virtual Machine (vFiler or Vserver), configure the Storage Virtual Machine as the NAS server.

  • NetApp: Any NAS storage device used for backing up secondary storage data (Vault, Mirror, or backup copy) must be configured as a NAS client with the same name that is used by the OCUM server to communicate with the secondary NAS file server.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click Client Computers, and then click New Client.

    The Add New Client dialog box appears.

  2. Under File System, click NAS / Network Share.

    The Add NAS/Network Share Client dialog box appears.

  3. On the General tab, select the NDMP check box.

  4. In the Client Name box, enter the name for the client.

  5. In the Host Name box, enter the hostname of the NAS client.

  6. On the NDMP Properties tab, enter the following information:

  7. Field



    NDMP Server Hostname

    The fully qualified host name of the NAS server.

    • Enter the host name of the NDMP server.

    NDMP Login

    The NDMP user name to log in to the NAS server.

    • Enter the user name for the NDMP server.

    NDMP Password

    The NDMP password to log in to the NAS server.


    For NetApp C-Mode file servers, run the generate-password command on the file server to obtain an NDMP password. For more information, see the NetApp documentation for your file server.

    • Enter the password for the NDMP user name.

    Listen Port

    The default computer port socket number assignment.

    • Optional: To specify a different listen port, select a port number.

    Detect MediaAgent

    By default, the CommServe host is used to connect to the NAS client. If your CommServe host is unable to connect to the file server directly, select a MediaAgent to use to connect to the file server:


    • If left blank, the CommServe host communicates with the file server directly.

    • The time zone setting of the NAS client is the same as the Detect MediaAgent. If no Detect MediaAgent is selected, then the time zone setting is the same as the CommServe computer.

    • Optional: Click the Detect MediaAgent list, and then and select a MediaAgent.
  8. Click Detect.

    The system automatically populates the Vendor, Firmware Revision, Listen Port, and Time Zone information.

  9. Click OK.

  10. In the CommCell Browser, confirm that the NAS client was added under Client Computers.