Audit Trail Report

The Audit Trail Report displays information about the operations that users performed in the CommCell environment over a specified time range. Operations are grouped into severity levels including low, medium, high, and critical.

The length of time that Audit Trail data is retained in the database can vary amongst severity levels. You can configure retention settings for data in each severity level in the CommCell Console Control Panel.

You can use this report to:

  • Monitor operations in the CommCell computer.

  • Track operations performed by particular users.

Where To Access The Report

This report is available by default with Commvault software and you can view it on the Command Center and the Web Console. The Cloud Services Portal is always installed with the latest Commvault feature release. If your Private Metrics Reporting Server or CommServe computer is installed with an earlier version of the Commvault software, reports on your local CommServe computer might look different or calculate items differently than the reports on the Cloud Services Portal.

For a complete list of operations that are audited and for instructions on configuring the retention settings, see Audit Trail.