Backup Agents

Job Error Decision Rules for the Windows File System Agent

Starting with Service Pack 15 and going through Service Pack 18, Error Decision Rules might not function for the Windows File System Agent. However, Error Threshold Rules do function. For more information about Error Decision Rules and Error Threshold Rules, see Customizing Completed with Errors Condition Overview.

Office 365 with Exchange Support Ended for the Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent

On October 31, 2017, Microsoft ended support for RPC over HTTP for Office 365. For more information, see the Microsoft support article: "RPC over HTTP reaches end of support in Office 365 on October 31, 2017",

After December 15, 2018, Commvault will not support backup nor archiving operations using Office 365 (Exchange Online) for the Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent or OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic).

If you use Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent , we recommend that you transition to the Exchange Mailbox Agent. The Exchange Mailbox Agent uses EWS for backup and archiving instead of MAPI.

For information, see Transitioning to the Exchange Mailbox Agent.

Upgrading to SP8 or later for SAP Archive Link clients is now supported. To upgrade, contact Commvault Support for upgrade assistance.

Archiving SQL Server Database Tables

Note the following caveats when you archive SQL Server database tables:

  • Database names containing characters {, }, and ; are not supported for archiving.

  • Table names containing characters [, ], and . are not supported for archiving.

  • Read-only databases are not supported for archiving.

  • You can archive only one target table for each subclient.

  • Only SQL server authentication credentials with sysadmin role is supported. Windows authentication for SQL user credentials is not supported.

SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017 Log Restores to a Database in a Stand-By State May Fail

SQL Server log restores to a database in the stand-by state are affected by a Microsoft issue. Refer to Microsoft Support article FIX: Intermittent 9004 error when a backup is restored via Standby Mode in SQL Server 2014, 2016, and 2017. As a workaround, perform restores of database and transaction logs using the NORECOVERY option.

Upgrade Client Computers After You Upgrade the CommServe Computer

Applies To: Google Mail and Google Drive, GPFS, Greenplum, Hadoop, Salesforce

After you upgrade your CommServe computer to Commvault Service Pack 8, you must also upgrade your client computers to Commvault Service Pack 8. Otherwise, backup and restore operations will fail.

Backup Support for File Path with More Than 1024 Characters

Applies to: Windows File System Agent

Starting with Service Pack 6, you can back up files that have file paths that contain more than 1024 characters. Previously, files that had file paths that contained more than 1024 characters were skipped during backups.

When you upgrade from Service Pack 5 to the current Service Pack, in order to back up the data that was skipped in the previous service pack, select the Synchronize Source Files and Backup Index check box (Advanced Subclient Properties dialog box, Advanced Options tab) if it is available, or run a full backup.

Block-Level Backup Operations Complete With Errors After Upgrading to Service Pack 11

Applies to: File System Agents

After upgrading to Commvault Service Pack 11, block-level backup operations that use native snapshot engines, might complete with errors.

To resolve this issue, download and install the latest Commvault hotfix pack on the CommServe computer.

File-Level Live Browse Operations of Solaris ZFS Mount Point Block-Level Backups

On Solaris MediaAgents, file-level live browse operations of ZFS mount point block-level backups might leave behind uncleaned zpools (that were created by the live browse operation) in certain cases. The uncleaned zpools cannot be removed by using the export or delete commands. This issue will be addressed in a future service pack.

As a workaround, Commvault recommends using non-production clients for file-level browse operations of ZFS mount point block-level backups.

Advanced Backup and Restore Options Are Not Supported for Cassandra

Advanced backup and restore options are not supported.

This will be addressed in a future service pack.

GlusterFind API for GlusterFS

The following GlusterFind known issues might result in inconsistent backup operations in certain cases.

  • "Glusterfind : wrong results while retrieving incremental list of files modified after last run"

    For more information, see, bug #1535526.

  • "Glusterfind : Move Operations performed in the Filesystem are not reported correctly"

    For more information, see, bug #1471963.

These issues will be automatically resolved when you synchronize the data on the GlusterFS volume and the backup index periodically, see Synchronizing Data on the Disk and the Index.