Best Practices

File System iDataAgents on the Domino

If you have the File System iDataAgents installed on your Domino, you should edit your file system backup filter to exclude the Domino databases in order to prevent Notes files from being backed up together with the file system. If you are using the Notes Database iDataAgent, exclude the transaction log directory from file system backups, as well.

A full File System backup should be run once a week while an incremental backup should be run everyday except on the day of the full backup.

Note that the open files in the data directory is skipped by the file system backup of the Domino. If a file is being backed up when an application tries to write to it, then the application will wait to write its changes until the backup completes. These files are usually very small in size.

Creating Multiple Subclients to Reduce Backup Time

If the setup is huge (like having more than 2K mailboxes, 1 TB database and 500 TR logs/day), then it is useful to split the database into multiple subclients. This will reduce the backup time considerably by running the backups on all the subclients simultaneously. However, your server should be powerful enough to tolerate the load of all the backups running simultaneously.

Domino That Use DAOS

If deferred deletion is configured, the interval time should be set to a period longer than the period between backups. For example, if backups are performed once every two weeks, the deferred deletion interval should be set to 15 days or longer. This setting can be specified in the server document's Defer deletion of DAOS objects in n days option.

DAOS.cfg file is not backed up by the Notes iDataAgents. However, you can back up the DAOS.cfg file using the File System iDataAgent.

DAOS links are not preserved during Notes Document iDataAgent restores. To reintroduce these links, the following compact operation must be performed:

load compact -C -daos on test.nsf

Ensure that the link folder contains at least one empty file in it. This is to prevent the automatic deletion of the link folder by Domino, which happens when the link folder is empty.

Notes Document Restore Consideration

In a Domino environment, data restored on one server will not propagate to other servers within the Domino environment. In such cases, the restored documents will be overwritten by the existing documents during replication. To avoid these conflicts, perform any restore operations using the out-of-place restore method.

Shut Down the Domino Server

If the Domino Mailbox Archiver is installed on the client where you plan to install the service pack, shut down the Domino server to avoid errors during the installation.