Changing the Branding Settings of a UNIX Installation Package

You can change the branding settings of the installation package that was created from the Download Manager. This is useful if you want to customize the Commvault software to display your company information.

Changing the branding settings is available only for the installation of new clients (first-time Commvault installations). This operation is not supported for service pack installations or installing additional Commvault software to an existing client


  1. Create the OEMInfo.xml file and enter the following content in the XML:

     <OEMInfo Id="1">
     <BRAND_VENDOR>Commvault Systems, Inc.</BRAND_VENDOR>
     <BRAND_SUPPORT_PHONE>US/CANADA (Toll Free) (877) 780-3077; INTERNATIONAL (732) 571-2160</BRAND_SUPPORT_PHONE>

    Note: Do not close the editor yet as you need to update the XML parameters.

  2. Update the necessary XML parameters listed in the following table.




    The name of the software to be installed. The software name may be the same as the product name.


    The edition name for your software.


    The name of your company product.

    The product name is also used in the installation package.


    The name of your company.


    The URL to the customer support page of your company website.


    The email address for general support inquiries.


    The phone number for general support inquiries. You can specify more than one phone number. For example, phone numbers for domestic and international calls.


    The name of the subdirectory where the software must be installed.

    The Commvault software is installed in a subdirectory under the opt directory. For example, /opt/subdirname.


    The name for a UNIX command to check and manage Commvault processes.


    The name of the UNIX group name that you want to use during the installation. Not applicable for Macintosh installation package.

  3. Save and close the OEMInfo.xml file.

  4. Copy the XML file to the appropriate location based on type of installation method that you plan to use:

    • If you plan to install the software locally by using the installation package, copy the file to the root directory of the package. In this directory, you will also find other scripts, such as cvpkgadd and detect.

    • If you plan to install the software remotely by using the CommCell Console, copy the file to the CommServe computer, and then place the file in the following UNIX folder within the CommServe cache path: CommServe_cache_directory\CVMedia\11.0.0\Unix.

      For example, if the CommServe cache is located in the installation directory, then copy the fie to software_installation_directory\SoftwareCache\CVMedia\11.0.0\Unix.


Future installations from the package will use the new brand name.

Note: During client upgrades, the installation program will use the default branding information, except for the XML parameters BRAND_INSSUBDIR, BRAND_SSCRIPT, and BRAND_GALGROUP, which retain the value that was set during the client installation.