Configurations for the Exchange Mailbox Agent Index Server

After you install the Index Store package, you must configure the index server for Exchange Mailbox Agent indexing operations. If you configure content indexing, this index server is also used for content indexing operations.

What Is Indexed

  • When archived messages are indexed without content indexing enabled, only the metadata is indexed.

  • When archived messages are content indexed, the entire message is indexed.


The following points provide important information that you should consider before you create your index server:

  • Use a different client for the index server than the one that is used to create the library and storage policy.

  • You can use only one index server per Exchange Mailbox client. You must create an index server for each Exchange Mailbox client in your CommCell environment.

  • The maximum number of archived messages per index server is 500 million.

  • Configure the index server and the index cache on a different drive than the one where the operating system is installed.

  • If you enable preview generation in the archiving policy or the journal policy, the generated files can be stored on any network share. It does not need to be on the index server.

Before You Begin