Configuring the HPE Nimble Storage on the Array Software

Configure the array software to work with the Commvault software.


  • If you use a proxy computer for snapshot operations, add the initiator group for the proxy computer.

  • Set the Access Control Entry configuration:

    • If you use a proxy computer, choose Snapshots Only.

    • If you do not use a proxy computer, for the client initiator group, choose Volume and Snapshots.

  • Allocate a temporary logical unit number (LUN) to all ESXi servers that are used for snapshot operations.

  • For the HPE Nimble Storage Snap engine, make sure that source volumes are part of a volume collection, and then do the following:

    • In the administration console of the storage array, on the Schedules tab, under Volume Collection, click Advanced and, then enable Snapshot triggered by third-party application. Add a schedule and enable “Snapshot triggered by third-party application” check box under the newly added schedule.

    • When configuring your subclient, add all source volumes in the collection to the subclient content:

      When a snapshot of a volume collection is taken, one snapshot for each source volume is created. If the content of the subclient contains an incomplete volume collection, then the snapshot of the source volume that was not added to the subclient is not managed by Commvault. Thus, when the snapshot of the volume collection is deleted, an orphan snapshot is left on the array.

    • If you are using the Virtual Server Agent for VMware, then create one volume collection for each data store to prevent snapshots of volumes that are not in the data store.

  • In the administration console of the array, edit the volume, and on the Access tab, select the Allow multiple initiator access check box. This option is useful to support multinode and if there are multiple proxy computers. This option allows multiple computers to access the same volume or the snapshot.