Data Loss Prevention Overview

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a file-level security solution that prevents unauthorized access to data on laptop clients. DLP includes the following features that can be used to secure sensitive data on laptops before and after a device goes missing:

  • Periodic Document Encryption

    Periodic Document Encryption allows the administrator to configure certain files to be locked according to settings in the CommCell console. End-users can also use Periodic Document Encryption from the Web Console to protect documents on their laptops. If a laptop goes missing, files protected with Periodic Document Encryption can only be unlocked by the authorized user with a passkey. Data protection operations (backup, content indexing, deduplication) can continue to be performed on locked files. See Periodic Document Encryption.

  • Secure Erase

    When enabled, Secure Erase allows the administrator to configure certain files to be remotely wiped and erased from a laptop when the laptop is missing or offline for more than a set number of days. Secure Erase can be configured from the CommCell console and is only available to administrators. See Secure Erase.

To start using Data Loss Prevention, see Getting Started with Data Loss Prevention.

Supported Devices

  • Windows 32-bit laptops on Windows 7 and later

  • Windows x64 laptops

  • Macintosh laptops

  • Linux laptops


    The Secure Erase feature is supported on Linux laptops. However, Periodic Document Encryption is not supported.