Deployment for VMware IntelliSnap

To set up your environment for IntelliSnap, install the Virtual Server Agent and the MediaAgent.

The Virtual Server Agent can be installed on one or more machines, so that those machines can serve as VSA proxies. A VSA proxy manages backup and restore operations for guest VMs in your environment, eliminating the need to install agents on guest VMs.

You can configure application-aware backups using the Virtual Server Agent to protect application data without installing guest agents on virtual machines.

Review each of the following topics to get started with the installation:


On VSA proxies that are used to perform IntelliSnap backup copy operations, install the MediaAgent package in addition to the Virtual Server Agent. The MediaAgent is required to perform mount operations on the VSA proxy.

IntelliSnap Configuration

To perform IntelliSnap backups, configure the VMware client and subclient to use the snapshot capabilities of the storage array: