Disabling and Enabling Edge Drive Backup for a User

By default, when you create an Edge Drive client, a subclient is automatically added to the Edge Drive client for each CommCell user associated to the client.
Files added to the Edge Drive are backed up by the subclient automatically.

You can disable and enable Edge Drive backups for a user from the CommCell Console. For example, to troubleshoot repeated backup errors on a user's Edge Drive, you can disable the Edge Drive backups for the specific user.

Before You Begin

  • Edge Drive users must be assigned to a CommCell or external user group. See User Administration and Security.

  • The Edge Drive user must log on to the Web Console at least once.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, click Client Computers > Edge Drive > File System > backup_Set

  2. Right- click the subclient,and then click Properties.

  3. To disable the backup, on the Activity Control tab, clear the Enable Backup check box, and then click OK.

    The user will not be able to perform operations such as backup or upload to the Edge Drive until the backup is enabled again.

    To enable back up again, click Enable Backup.

  4. Optional: You can also automatically enable backup operations to begin from a pre-determined date and time.

    1. Click Enable after a Delay.

      The Enable Backup dialog box appears

    2. Select Automatically Enable at the following time and specify time zone, date and time for commencement of the backup operation.