Full System Recovery: SAP HANA Agent

A full system recovery of a SAP HANA client involves the following phases:

Preparing for a Full System Recovery

Before you begin a disaster recovery, make sure to do the following:

  • Perform a full backup and enable the Automatic Log Backup feature in the SAP HANA studio.

  • Rebuild the hardware if needed.

  • Install the same version of the operating system with the same patches that were on the source client.

  • Edit the host file to include the CommServe name.

  • Install the SAP HANA application.

  • Install Commvault

  • Create an instance for the database that you want to restore in the CommCell Console and in the SAP HANA studio

Full System Recovery

You can recover the SAP HANA database in the event of a disaster by using the following procedure:

Disaster Recovery