Pivotal Greenplum is a massive parallel processing (MPP) warehouse that analyzes and stores a large amount (terabytes and petabytes) of data. The data is stored on multiple hosts that efficiently process queries.

A Greenplum Database system consists of one master host and a group of segment hosts.

Install the UNIX File System Agent on the master host and all segment hosts, so that you can back up the Greenplum database.

You perform all configuration tasks, backup operations, and restore operations from the CommCell Console on the master host.

When you provide the Greenplum connection details, the Commvault software uses that information to connect to the master host and retrieve the information (for example, the segment hosts) for the Greenplum Database system.

If you want to perform a LAN-free backup, install the MediaAgent package on the master host and all segment hosts.

Key Features

  • Run distributed backups and restores in parallel on multiple hosts for optimal load sharing

  • Restore to the source or a new host

  • Restore to the same configuration or a configuration that has a different number of segment hosts

  • Perform all operations (configuration, backups and restores) from the master host

  • Perform LAN-free backups and restores