IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS)

The Commvault software provides the integrated approach that you need to protect GPFS data, in the GPFS shared-disk architecture and the complex parallel I/O operations between GPFS nodes and disks.


In Commvault software, IBM Spectrum Scale is referred to as "GPFS."

You install the Commvault software on one or more nodes in the GPFS cluster. These nodes are referred to as data access nodes.

When you configure Spectrum Scale (GPFS), you specify one data access node as a master node. The master node must always be available. The master node is a control client that distributes the backup and restore operations among the data access nodes within the GPFS cluster.

Key Features

Simplified Data Management

Management of all the GPFS data in your environment using the same console and infrastructure.

Distributed Backup and Restores

Distributed backup and restores, which run in parallel on multiple data access nodes, for optimal sharing of the backup load.

Fault-Tolerant Model

Fault-tolerant model that redistributes task loads when a data access node fails.

Data Archiving

Archive and delete inactive GPFS data from the primary disk storage based on user-defined policy.

LAN-Free Backup and Restores

Faster LAN-free backup and restores using a grid storage policy.

Mmapplypolicy Scans

Optimized scan uses mmapplypolicy by default for GPFS volumes.

Snapshot-Based Scans and Backups

Snapshot-based scans and backups that offload processing from the source GPFS volumes for improved performance.


A variety of reports are automatically provided for managing the GPFS data. You can access Reports from the Web Console, the Cloud Services site, or the CommCell Console.


The Spectrum Scale (GPFS) documentation uses the following terminology:


The logical entity that represents one or more GPFS clusters.


The entity that represents one GPFS cluster.


The logical entity that defines the data to be backed up.