Incoming Ports

Visible when Network Route Configuration is set to Advanced. Use this tab to specify the port numbers for incoming communication. Network TCP Port Requirements provides a list of incoming ports.

Tunnel HTTP/HTTPS Port

  • Override default tunnel port

    The port for incoming tunnel connections. The default port is the Commvault Communications (CVD) service port plus 3, for example, 8403.

Additional Open Ports

  • Additional incoming ports may be open for faster data transport

    Specify additional ports or a range of ports that are open for incoming connections to facilitate faster data transport.

  • From

    The starting number in the range of ports that are open.

  • To

    The ending number in the range of ports that are open.

  • Add

    Click Add to include the additional ports.

  • Delete

    Select a port or range of ports, then click this button to remove them from the list.