Index Server

The Index Server is a logical CommCell entity that supports many different Commvault products and features. The Index Server uses the Index Store installed on a client to perform indexing, search, and analytics operations on the data in your CommCell environment.

Index Servers

The Index Server is a logical CommCell entity. Each Index Server is configured to use a physical client with the Index Store package installed. Data that is collected from Index Server operations is stored on a specified directory on the Index Store client.

For more information about adding an Index Server entity to your CommCell environment, see Adding an Index Server Entity to Your CommCell Environment.

Index Server Roles

Each product and feature that uses an Index Server must have a corresponding Index Server role configured on the Index Server entity. The Index Server roles correspond to different ways the data must be structured to support a given product or feature.

For a list of Index Server roles and the products and features that they support, see Index Server Roles and Supported Features.


Some Commvault products and features can support multiple roles configured on the same Index Server, while others require a standalone Index Server. For more information, see the documentation for the products and features that use Index Server.