Installing Clients with Deprecated Operating Systems or Applications on Windows Computers

You can install clients with deprecated operating systems or applications on Windows computers.

Before You Begin

Add the nAllowOlderClients additional setting to the CommServe computer as shown in the following table, and then restart all Commvault services on the CommServe computer. This additional setting allows older clients to communicate with the V11 CommServe computer during installation.

For information about adding an additional setting from the CommCell Console, see Adding an Additional Setting from the CommCell Console.

Additional setting







  • 1: Enable

  • 0 (Default): Disable


  1. Create the bIgnoreCommServeVersion registry key by using the Windows Registry Editor.

    1. On the Windows computer, open the Windows Registry Editor and navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ directory.

    2. Right-click SOFTWARE and click New -> Key.

    3. Name the key as GalaxyInstallerFlags.

    4. Right-click GalaxyInstallerFlags and select New -> DWORD value. Name the key as bIgnoreCommServeVersion.

    5. Double-click the bIgnoreCommServeVersion key and modify the Value data to 1.

  2. Run the installation package and follow the installation wizard.