Installing the Clinical Image Archiving

Install the Clinical Image Archiving by using the installation package that was created from the Download Manager application.

Before You Begin

Prepare your environment by reviewing the following tasks:


  1. Log on to the computer as an Administrator or as a member of the Administrator group on that computer.

  2. Run Setup.exe from the installation package.

    The installation wizard opens.

  3. On the welcome page, select the I Agree check box and proceed to the next page.

  4. On the Choose the Installation Type page, click Install packages on this computer and proceed to the next page.

  5. On the Select Packages page, select the Clinical Image Archiving check box, and proceed to the next page.

  6. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard.


    To help you troubleshoot errors that occur before the installation summary page, check the %allusersprofile%\Commvault Systems\Galaxy\LogFiles\Install.log. If the error occurs after the summary page, check the installation logs in the Software_Installation_Directory\Log Files directory.

What to Do Next

  • Review the postinstallation tasks that you might have to perform to complete the installation:

    • Add Commvault to the Windows Firewall Exclusion List

      If you did not add the Commvault programs and services to the Windows Firewall exclusion list during the installation, you can add them later by using a batch file. For more information, see Configuring Windows Firewall to Allow CommCell Communication.

    • Complete Firewall and Network Configurations

      If you configured firewall and network settings during the installation, you must complete additional firewall and network configurations from the CommCell Console. For more information, see Configuring Network Routes.

  • To finish setting up the Clinical Image Archiving solution, you must configure ObjectStore and perform other operations. For instructions, see Setting Up Clinical Image Archiving.