Installing Commvault Locally on Windows Computers Using the Download Manager

You can install the Commvault software locally on Windows computers by using the Download Manager application.

Before You Begin

  • Obtain the latest Download Manager from the Cloud Services website or the Maintenance Advantage website. For more information, see Downloading Installation Media.

  • Make sure that the computer where the software will be installed meets the following requirements:

    • The computer must have Internet connectivity so that the Download Manager can retrieve the Commvault software.

    • The system time of the computer must be synchronized with the time zone of your region. If the system time is ahead of or behind the time zone of your region, then the installation will fail.

    • If you install Commvault on a computer that has a firewall enabled, the firewall settings might prevent some of the files from being downloaded, resulting in download and installation failures. To avoid this issue, configure your firewall to allow executable files to be downloaded (such as batch files), or contact your software provider for assistance.

  • Prepare your environment and gather the information that you must provide during the installation:


  1. Start the Download Manager application, select where to extract the installation files, and then click Extract.

    The installation wizard opens.

  2. On the welcome page, select the I Agree check box and then proceed to the next page.

  3. On the Choose the Installation Type page, click Install packages on this computer and then proceed to the next page.

    If the Install Option page is displayed, an agent or another Commvault software is already installed on the computer. To install additional software, click Add Packages.

  4. On the Select Packages page, select the appropriate category (on the left side) and the package name (on the right side), and then proceed to the next page.

  5. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard.


  • If you are installing the software in a cluster environment, repeat the installation procedure for each physical node on the cluster.

  • To help you troubleshoot errors that occur before the installation summary page, check the %allusersprofile%\CommVault Systems\Galaxy\LogFiles\Install.log. If the error occurs after the summary page, check the installation logs in the Software_Installation_Directory\Log Files directory.