Installing Commvault on All Computers Across Your Organization

One of the most efficient ways to distribute the Commvault software in your organization is to install a universal package on the computers that you want to protect.

After the package is installed and the computers are part of your CommCell environment, you can perform the necessary configurations from the CommCell Console, such as installing the required Commvault agents.

This installation method is recommended for managed service providers (MSP) and for those who want to deploy the Commvault software efficiently on multiple computers.


  1. Create the universal package.

    The universal package contains the File System Agent, which establishes connections between the client computer and the CommServe database.

  2. Install the universal package on all computers.

    Use one of the following methods to install the package:

    • Method 1: Configure a third-party software to install the package silently on all computers.

      • For installations on Windows computers, configure the third-party software to run the following command:

        PackageName.exe /s /install /silent

      • For installations on UNIX computers, configure the third-party software to locate the package and then run the following command:

        ./silent_install -p default
      • For installations on Macintosh computers, configure the third-party software to run the following command:

        sudo installer -pkg package_location -target /

      For a list of installer error codes, see Installer Error Codes.

    • Method 2: Distribute the package to your end-users in one of the following ways:

      End-users can start the installation by double-clicking the executable file (.exe or .pkg). For UNIX computers, use the installation command provided in Method 1.

  3. Add roles to your clients.

    Roles are the Commvault agents that you want to install and the configurations that you want to apply to your clients.

    After the universal package is installed, install the required agents from the CommCell Console. For instructions, see Installing Commvault Remotely Using the CommCell Console.