Installing the Metrics Reporting Server

Install the Metrics Reporting Server by using the installation package that was created from the Download Manager application.

Before You Begin

Prepare your environment by reviewing the following tasks:


  1. Log on to the computer as an Administrator or as a member of the Administrator group on that computer.

  2. Run Setup.exe from the installation package.

    The installation wizard opens.

  3. On the welcome page, select the I Agree check box and proceed to the next page.

  4. On the Choose the Installation Type page, click Install packages on this computer and proceed to the next page.

  5. On the Select Packages page, select the Metrics Server check box, and proceed to the next page.

  6. Optional: if you are installing the Metrics Reporting package on a separate computer from the CommServe computer, you must enter the name and location of the CommServe computer.

  7. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard.


    To help you troubleshoot errors that occur before the installation summary page, check the %allusersprofile%\Commvault Systems\Galaxy\LogFiles\Install.log. If the error occurs after the summary page, check the installation logs in the Software_Installation_Directory\Log Files directory.

What to Do Next