Installing a Solaris IPS Package

When an IPS package is available for download, the user who created the package notifies Solaris users of the package details, which include the following:

  • Package name.

  • Location of the repository where the package is published.

Install the IPS package on a computer that resides in a Solaris IPS environment.

Before You Begin

Download the IPS package. If you have problems accessing the repository or not seeing the package, contact the user who created the package.


Run the following command to install the package:

pkg install -g <PathToPackage> <PackageName>


  • PathToPackage is the path to the repository where the package resides. If the repository is HTTP based, the path is the web address of the repository.

  • PackageName is the name of the IPS package.

Note: If the package is in an HTTP repository, you can also install the package from the repository Web page. Access the repository and then click the Install link next to the IPS package to start the installation using the Package Manager.

What to Do Next

Refer to the Getting Started page of each agent that you installed to perform the required agent configurations.