Live Sync Virtual Machine Replication

Live Sync can be used to create and maintain warm recovery sites for virtual machines running critical business applications.

The Live Sync feature enables incremental replication from a backup of a virtual machine (source VM) to a synced copy of the virtual machine (destination VM). The Live Sync operation opens the destination VM and applies changes from the source VM backups since the last sync point.

The Live Sync feature can initiate replication automatically after backups or on a scheduled basis (for example, daily or once a week), without requiring any additional action from users. Using backup data for replications minimizes the impact on the production workload by avoiding the need to read the source VM again for replication. In addition, in cases where corruption on the source VM is replicated to the destination VM, users can still recover a point-in-time version of the source VM from older backups.


You can manage live sync schedules created in CommCell Console or Command Center from Command Center replication groups.