MediaAgent Administration

The MediaAgent is the data transmission manager in the CommCell environment. It provides high performance data movement and manages the data storage libraries. MediaAgent tasks are coordinated by the CommServe Server.

There are two key components in a CommCell environment -- the CommServe server and one or more MediaAgents.


For scalability, there can be more than one MediaAgent in a CommCell environment. The MediaAgent software can be installed in physical, virtual, and clustered environments. The software supports MediaAgents on several operating systems, including support for MediaAgents in a clustered environment. See System Requirements - MediaAgent for a list of supported MediaAgents and their requirements.

Understanding the CommCell Console

After the MediaAgent software is installed (see MediaAgent Installation to install the software), MediaAgents are displayed in the CommCell Browser as a sub-level under Storage Resources. Also, the libraries configured for this MediaAgent are displayed. You can perform several operations from the MediaAgent level and modify the properties associated with a MediaAgent.

The tree structure varies depending on the library type - tape library or disk libraries. This arrangement is reflected in the following sample tree structure in the CommCell Browser:

understanding_the console