Postinstallation Tasks for the CommServe Server

Depending on your environment settings and requirements, you may need to perform additional tasks to complete the CommServe server installation process.


Some of the tasks listed in this section must be performed from the CommCell Console. To access the CommCell Console, see Opening the CommCell Console.

Add Commvault to the Windows Firewall Exclusion List

If you did not add the Commvault programs and services to the Windows Firewall exclusion list during the installation, you can add them later by using a batch file.

For more information, see Configuring Windows Firewall to Allow CommCell Communication.

Download the Software to the CommServe Cache

If you plan to perform installations from the CommCell Console in the future, the Commvault software must be available in the CommServe cache directory. Note the following:

  • If the CommServe computer has Internet connectivity, no action is required. The Commvault software is automatically downloaded to the CommServe cache as part of the installation job.

  • If the CommServe server has Internet connectivity with restrictions, or if there is no internet connectivity, you can adjust the download settings in the CommCell Console. For more information, see Configure Download Settings in the CommCell Console.

  • If the CommServe server does not have internet connectivity, and the download settings do not satisfy your requirements, create a new installation package with all the software needed by your organization, and then copy the package to the CommServe cache. For instructions, see the download software procedures for Windows or UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh computers.

Configure Automatic Installation of Updates

To keep the Commvault software up-to-date on the CommServe server and on the clients in your CommCell environment, you can configure the CommCell to install updates automatically. For instructions, see Configuring Automatic Service Pack Installations.

Update the Installation Package

To continue using the installation package as a media resource, verify that the package contains all of the software needed by your organization. If any software is missing, you must create a new installation package with the required software.

The installation package is also useful if you plan to install the following server packages (as they can only be installed from the package):

  • Metrics Reporting

  • Web Server

  • Workflow Engine

To create the installation package, see Downloading Software for Windows Computers Using the Download Manager. If you need to create an installation package for UNIX computers, see Downloading Software for UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh Computers Using the Download Manager.


As a best practice, keep the installation package up to date, or at the same service pack level as that of the CommServe server.