Preinstallation Checklist for the Command Center on Windows

Use this preinstallation checklist to prepare the computer where the Command Center will be installed and to gather all of the information you will need during the installation.

Verify System Requirements

Verify that the computer where you will install the Command Center satisfies the minimum requirements. For more information, see System Requirements - Web Console and Command Center.

Verify License Requirements

The Command Center does not require a license.

Command Center Computer Name

The computer name is included in the URL used to access the Command Center.


Verify that both the domain name and the computer name do not contain underscores.

Determine the Installation Location

Based on your environment, install the Command Center on an appropriate computer.

  • By default, the Command Center is installed as part of the CommServe installation when Internet Information Services (IIS) is enabled. The Command Center can be installed on a separate computer than the CommServe and Web Server computers to support the following:

    • Offloading the Command Center processes from the CommServe or Web Server computers

    • Setting up the Command Center in a perimeter network outside of the organization's network to provide global access for external users

  • Ensure that Internet Information Services (IIS) is enabled on the computer where the software will be installed.

  • If you install the Command Center on a separate computer, that computer must be able to connect to the Web Server and CommServe computers.

  • If you want to allow Single Sign On (SSO) for users from domains that are not trusted, install the Command Center on those domains. This applies when you have multiple domains in your environment where some of them are not trusted.

  • The Command Center cannot be installed on a clustered environment. For example, if you plan to install the Command Center on the CommServe computer, but the CommServe computer is installed on a clustered environment, then you must install the Command Center on a different computer.

Install the Web Server Package

Verify that the Web Server package is already installed and configured in your environment. For information about the Web Server requirements, see System Requirements - Web Server. For information about installing the Web Server, see Preinstallation Checklist for the Web Server.

Gather Installation Data

Refer to the items in this section to gather the information that you will need during the installation. Record the information before you begin installing the software, so you can refer to it during the installation.

You can install the Command Center by using either the CommCell Console or the installation package created by the Download Manager.


If you plan to install the Command Center on a computer that has other server components installed, only the following information is required:

  • Commvault package to install

  • Destination folder for the software installation

Commvault package to install

Install the Command Center package, which is listed under the Server category.


If the File System Agent is not installed on the computer, the File System Core and File System packages are automatically installed with the package that you selected. The File System Agent will not consume any licenses.

To gather the required information for the File System Agent, refer to the Gather Installation Data section in the Preinstallation Checklist for the Windows File System Agent.

Client computer details

If the File System Agent or another package is already installed on the computer, you are not required to gather all the computer details again. The level of detail depends on how the package you selected is installed, as follows:

  • For installations using the CommCell Console, the installation program requests only the name of the client computer.

  • For installations using the installation package, the installation program reads the details from the previous installation.

Web Server Client Name

During installation, you are prompted to select a client with the Web Server package installed. If you are installing the Command Center and Web Server on the same computer, the installation computer name will be selected by default.