Preinstallation Checklist for the External Data Connector on UNIX

You can use the External Data Collector (EDC) to collect information from other product environments, and then merge the data into your CommCell. For more information, see External Data Connector - Overview.

Use this preinstallation checklist to prepare the computer where EDC will be installed and to gather all of the information you will need during the installation.

Verify System Requirements

Verify that the computer where you will install EDC satisfies the minimum requirements, based on your environment:

  • External Data Connector - System Requirements - EMC Networker

  • External Data Connector - System Requirements - NetBackup

  • External Data Connector - System Requirements - Tivoli Storage Manager

Verify License Requirements

Based on the licensing mechanism used in your CommCell environment, verify that the CommCell has the required licenses to use EDC. For information about licensing, see the Commvault Licensing Program Guide.

Determine the Installation Location

Install the software on a server hosting third party software, such as NetBackup Master Server, EMC Networker Server, Tivoli Storage Manager Server, and BackupExec Server, to merge all information about them into the CommServe database.

The computer will be added as a client in the CommCell as soon as the installation completes successfully.

Gather Installation Data

Refer to the items in this section to gather the information that you will need during the installation. Record the information before you begin installing the software, so you can refer to it during the installation.

You can install the agent using either the CommCell Console or the installation package created by the Download Manager. Any item that applies to only one of these installation methods is noted.

Commvault package to install

  • For installations using the CommCell Console, install the External Data Connector package, which is listed under the Tools category.

  • For installations using the installation package, install the External Data Connector package.

  • If the File System Agent is not installed on the computer, the File System Core package is automatically installed with the package you selected. The File System Agent will not consume a license.


    To gather the required information for the File System Agent, refer to the Gather Installation Data section in the Preinstallation Checklist for the UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh File System Agent.

    Only the following items are required during installation.

    Installation directory

    Client computer details

    Log directory

    UNIX group

    Access Permissions for the UNIX group and other computer users

    CommServe host name